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After 7 ours resting

Working on getting my foreskin back

The third leg :-)

Blackberry !!!!

Cold shower

While the House is Empty I Took Some Pictures

Jag knullar kompis.

judge us accordingly left vs righ. shape, size, head, color

hang 'your' nickers here please

My cock head ring.

precum drip

Lick that Shaved Nut Sack.You know you want it

in Strumpfhosen

Still suuuper horny

Hard in cock ring

It is all there. Ideas?

Just an erection

Needs a shave?

hes getting there

apparently this is how i would look as a woman{courtesy of Faceapp}

My hairy cock

Mmmmmm so good

clear sweet tasting pre cum

Micky Mouse Ears III

ready for a hungry hole

Finally figured out the right shampoo product for full-blown dick-fro!!

my penis and foot

Hanging out in my office.

Not fully erect...yet ;)