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Tribute from Danny645

plenty to go round

Playing with a new friend

just shaved

uncut 7 inch willy

What do you want to do with him?

Any lickers?

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Just little old me

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Comments? I'm horny for a man

Hard Cock & smooth balls

My dick ;)

is my penis bigger than urs?

my foreskin

Hence the name "Bent"

Naked body shot !

phimotic tight foreskin opening, closeup of my uncut intact cock

Fondle this li’l feller?

ball pumping

Iron flesh mushroom

hes getting there

precum in the clean spoons!!!!!!!!!!!

Holding the cock

Who wants to know the time?

Nullo'd by the rings



Someone please suck my cock

Foreskin half back

one eye open

Hands up if you like to go naked below

You could have a lot of fun with this

Got the helmet on

Yes, I'm a shooter