i'm boring

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My blue lace C string

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Wearing his Sunday best


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Cock ring time

a few of my rings

See through gstring

vibrating cockring

Even thicker with a cock ring on.

Admiring Duncan's dick!

Fingering my hole


Baring out my chest with pride. There is some hair, you just can't see it.

Trying on the cock, scrotum and testicles ring

My new black acrylic ring w/ steel balls

exploring the world

Acrylic PA Ring in Urine Yellow

restoring foreskin

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Before, during and after shaving

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Choky balls w/ triple rings

welche Frau m?chte mal erleben wie diese fette Eichel in ihre Pussy eindringt ?

Love wearing your bra and panties, Gloria

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Piercing & Rings

New silicone ring to keep the skin back

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Only wearing socks....

Softer Cock Ring

Bring your cock to me!

Staring at the ceiling.. :)

me and sharingwife

rasiert, ohne Haaare mit Cockring und Hodenstrecker

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early spring at Scarborough bluff

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