Balls and rings and a weight

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"Plug in Hybrid" starring on a parking lot

Early Spring Hard On

cockring grooved 12

Trying out some rings...

Cock Ring with Spikes

Urethral Plug with glans ring attached

My Cock In My Cock Ring

Spring is here. Time to get outside

I'm bringin' sexy back.

measuring my small cock

new steel cock ring

Two Steelrings

rasiert, ohne Haare mit Cockring und Hodenstrecker

New ring set

new cock ring 3

Wearing just heels 🥰

4 gauge Captive Bead Ring Guiche

Photo of piss pouring out from asiandude


3D printed cockring

Baring out my chest with pride. There is some hair, you just can't see it.


New Cockring :D 1


a string of precum

Sweltering in 40C heat 🥵🔥

wearing donut cockring!

Measuring my cock

Boned with cock ring

Ringed up and stretched out and about

blue g string

Slightly excited on a boring sunday morning

This brings me all kinds of happiness. Just imagine if I lost some weight t

Mal mit Cockring...

New silicone ring to keep the skin back

Tried measuring

Like to Ring your Bell! ;)

just like ringin a bell

my big ring! but where is the closing ball ??

comparing chicken eggs

See through gstring

Pee pause during a longer road trip...

rubber rings

Getting ready to go to dinner. Wish someone would catch me wearing this.

dick measuring (coke can)

little Ring

wearing donut cockring!

No problem covering that shaving can

I keep hearing it's thick, is it??

Tight cock and balls ring

My new Trojan ball closure ring

Cock ring & cream

comparing my new dildo

Wearing One Of My Ball Stretchers!

Me during a live broadcast

Dick out during 4:20 smoke sesh

sharing is caring

Black panties, black cock, and cock ring

Cockring Ringed

Z cockring 1