Cock and cock ring

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ring around the penis

In the garden on a beautiful spring day.

2 Rings 5,0 + 3,2


tear drop w/ quad cockring

Comparing cocks

Spring is here. Time to get outside

measuring my small cock

cockring in hose

The most unflattering photo ever haha. Truth or dare and it’s cold

Mushroom cock with glans ring

My heavy new ring (15mm)

Just comparing sizes

Lightly fingering my manhole :-)

Almost spring

the bigger the Ring, the better

screenshot from rings video

Cockring #2

Driving while naked and wearing a cock ring.

Penis with frenulektomy an meatotomy and 3 Goldrings

Playing in cockrings

4 gauge Captive Bead Ring Guiche


teardrop cockring 9

Peeing without using my skin... but boring...

Eichel und Hodenring

double cock rings


Acrylic PA Ring in Urine Yellow

Really long hanging string of pre cum precum pre-cum


9 Rings of Heaven 4

girth measuring

See through gstring

move the string to the side and slide right in

I’ve been wearing the weight on my balls for six hours already

The perils of wearing ladies underwear!!

Perky wearing Pinkie! (age pun!)

Cockringed and hard

Fucking a toy wearing a cockring

New cock ring

warm spring sun

Ringed Cock and Balls

Pumped and Ringed

teardrop cockring 3

Ringed cock #3

Few pics of another C string

I love this ring

With cockring

wearing my mother-in-law s black lace panties

Amp & ring

Springtime Flash ..

Wood Cock Ring

just preparing to wank

With the ring :P

My cock ring

Love my rings

Measuring erection (centimeter scale)

Piercing removed for sandpapering.

Cockring Ringed