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6 centimetres is 2.32 inch

John's bum, Winchester hotel, August 2016

My 6 incher


6 inch curved thick hard cock you like? - [9-21-11-1]

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17.5 cm / 6.9 inch length

7.5 inches

18 year old boy with 7inch (18cm)cock

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My 10.5 inch cock

Sucking Strangers cock at Hotel in Winchester Va

Spun around on him and took another inch.

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how many inch ?

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Who wants to Fuck the faggot. I can devour up to 11 inches.

4x3 inch testis.

small ^_^ 4 inch


Been a bit since i’ve showed off this 8 inch here

Slide me in inch by inch

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iranian small penis - 4inch :))

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6 inches and balls

Ass and 3 inch diameter plug collection

My hard 6 inches

Sucking Strangers cock at Hotel in Winchester Va while my hubby watches

My 10.5 inch cock

12 inch x .5 inch ribbed sound

Mature cock meat. 3.5 inches soft and 4.5 inches hard

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9 inches long

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Skin Pinch (pretty good for a circumcised guy)

uncut 7 inch willy

uncut 7 inch willy

me and a 8.5 inch dildo

one inch bigger

Coping an 8 inch wang

3 inch Metal Butt Plug 1

width = 5 cm (2 inches)

Near 8 Inchs of Man Meat

My 1 inch semi

Take every inch

How many inches?

Definitely 6 Inches

inch & half of foreskin & it's cold out.....brrrrr

Close-up of John's arsehole, Winchester hotel, August 2016

Two 1/2 inch circular barbells

pinch strong