"Eye Si Ewe!"

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Hefting It

Me 2020 50 years old

Soft next to toilet paper roll. Doesn't look that impressive... yet!

Morning wood

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Arsing about !

My big beautiful cock

Adore to be Naked day and night

Letax Bands 2

If it's not obvious I have a shiny diamond plug deep in my ass XD

Playoff Football Wood!!😊

Getting harder

Ready to be filled :)

look into my glans

Precum 4 u

Getting aroused

Happy Halloween

not fine mushroom

chubby showing his small dick

Thix was nice to do

Bit of a half chub

Capped off cock

Didn’t have any quarters

Comment on my cock… I’m a shy virgin. I need to know that I look good :(

Average is the way

seasons greetings

Shadow Pattern on dick

Would you suck it?

a sudden urge to pee while I shave !!!


Pre-cum Drip

Yes pleeease

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my lube bottle up my ass!!

... should be in category "pleasured dicks"