new guiche piercing.

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So I gave myself a piercing the other day!

For fans of my piercing

Getting a little electric input, 2 more piercings

before piercing

Another fren piercing

some piercings

New piercing!

Drie piercings

Replacement for ripped-out piercing at root of cock

Piercing & Pump

Another fren piercing

Another fren piercing

new sac piercing

When I had 4 piercings in my foreskin ...

piercings with ball weight

semi, showing frenulum piercing off

frenum ampallang reverse pa scrotal piercings

piercing my cock - ampallang

PA, reverse PA, dydoes, guiche, ampallang, lorem cock piercings

Stretching & Piercing

foreskin piercings.

New piercing

Me with my piercing in

Practice for piercing

piercing hole

One piercing

Last Pics before my Piercing

Failed piercing

scrotal piercings

Urethra Stretch through PA Piercing

foreskin piercings one week old

Head piercings

Another fren piercing

Three piercings

Fren piercing

foreskin piercings one week old

Short piercing

Big Ball & Piercing

New piercing


Triple Piercing Cock

Penis plug in my PA piercing

Got my new piercing. Do you like it?

balls piercing the forskin

double piercing

Penis with piercing

Stretching & Piercing

Went home for lunch got horny look at that piercing

Tugging on foreskin, frenulim piercing showing

throuth PA-hole and head: new piercing

Root piercing

Fingers thru two piercings

in total 20 Piercings

Ball ring and piercing

hafada and lorum piercings

Interesting when the piercings are zapped.

piercing my cock - ampallang

My small shriveled cock and balls showing off piercing

Another fren piercing

Dydoe piercing