Deep & massive inflatable plug leaves me wet, but no rosebud!

Casual Male Nudes   What a Shame

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double plug = double pleasure

Plug in ass

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Glass plug

Two plugs in one hole

plugged deep, asshole kept stretched by the neck, cheeks held apart by the base

fully plugged all the way

Plug fitted

new inflatable but plug

Chasity Cage 2 attached with Urethral plug front view

huge butt plug

Plug im Arsch

Cock plug & 5mm PA

Choices-12X9 Monster Black or 4in. SS Butt Plug 🍆❤️㇭

My new plug, delicious.... (2)

my new buttplug

huge butt plug

pissplug und Hodenstrecker

My new plug, delicious.... (1)

pierced and plugged

mit Pissplug und gezähmt

mit Pissplug und gezähmt

mit plug im Arsch

huge butt plug deep

Plugged at work!

See how long I can keep the plug in and foreskin rolled back - 2 days so far

Plugged with a 11mm(not too big i know)

Piss through penis plug

Plug im Arsch

Plugged Hole

Butt plug and ball stretcher. Yes I’m kinky af. 😜

Cuffed and plugged

Dick plug and Silver Chain 2

pissplug und Hodenstrecker und Analplug

If it's not obvious I have a shiny diamond plug deep in my ass XD

After a week of being plugged nonstop, i can now use the larger on on the right!

pissplug und Hodenstrecker

Urethral Plug with glans ring beside my tool

pa and penisplug inside

Ring/Plug center

...but my favorite plug - I even wear it on the nudistbeach !

Penis plug in my PA Piercing

Big Butt Plugged

fat ass plug

3 inch Metal Butt Plug 1

plug and play

Plug im Arsch

Chasity Cage 2 attached without Urethral plug

A Penis, A Plug, and A Coke to Wash It Down

6 inch butt plug

the wide plug

Plug im Arsch Arschloch auf

Plug me, fill me

Chasity Cage 2 attached with Urethral plug side view

plugged and horny

my pussy after using new butt plug

plugged, no entry without expressed permission hahah

Hollow penis plug and cum

Plugged and ready for more cock