Got me 2 or 3 new ass Plugs size L &XL an the fit pretty good

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New buttplug fits great!

Penis Plug 17mm

Penis Plug 17mm

fully plugged all the way

wide open & plugged

good vibrations, my favorite ass plug

Butt is plugged

new 13mm plug

Plug in ass

plugged asshole

cumming with plug in urethra

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ring und plug

my training dildo and daily plugs ;) I can go down to the 4th bulb

Teardrop Plug Goes Right In

Jerking off with a butt plug in

Penis with Spiral Plug

Ass plugged

Genug mit Plugs gespielt - steck deinen Schwanz rein

pierced and plugged

Definitely put this butt plug up my ass

Eierstrecker mit Pissplug

plug inside....

plug in cock

Close up tunnel butt plug

Close up my tunnel butt plug

Plugged and ready!

See how long I can keep the plug in and foreskin rolled back - 2 days so far

Hodenstrecker und Pissplug

Hodenstrecker und Pissplug

plug n plough :)

Plug im Arsch

Doggy with a big buttplug in

Plugged outside in a gstring

New plug ❤

caged and plugged

Tanning while im caged and plugged

The Ring & Plug

pissplug und Hodenstrecker

Butt plug 4

Plugged, ball ring and pierced

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Got new plugs stretching exercises who wants to be my 1st to help with stretche

Penis plug in my PA Piercing

Urethral plug (cum thru) deep

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plug and play

Chasity Cage 2 attached without Urethral plug

erstes Ergebniis, mit 10 mm plug

6 inch butt plug

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Plug me, fill me

Ex boyfriend plugged until later

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my pussy after using new butt plug

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