New ring set

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Measuring up on a cold day!!

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New ring today

Preparing for footjob

Cum and Cockrings

2019 50yo Two cockrings keep it hard

Cock ring again

Oxball ring

Mushroom cock with glans ring

cock ring!

Foreskin rolled back over cockring

got a little horny during work;)

new ring 15-20-22mm

Stirring, first thing in the morning

3D printed Cockring

Penis with frenulektomy and 3 Goldrings

Balls ring

Outside wearing panties while in chastity

double cock rings

Cock rings

Rings & Pouch

Fingering my asshole

See through gstring


My new cockring

new split 4m ring

Pre-Cum and ring

In case you were wondering.....this is how they're hangin'

wearing a glove

Cock ring time

Wearing cock ring

My lil guy wearing his bling

Glans with black and white PA ring

Wearing a Magnum

Ring around the Dick

Me fingering John's arsehole at his home in Ireland, June 2017

Softer Cock Ring

Love my rings...

my 15mm ring

Me 2015 46 yo One cockring to keep it hard

small ring and semi hard

During a Sunday morning wank

Like rings


4mm foreskin rings.

wearing my mother-in-law s black lace panties

My Cock In My Cock Ring

New 5/8” ring

Screenshot from 2018 String Wank movie


white ring 2

Cock Ring 2

wearing corsellette

black ring 1

Me 2020 50 years old Hardness test with 170g ring

my fav ring

Boxer briefs are like a cock ring haha

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My uncut dick with a ring