Shaved balls

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Dick and balls

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I wish my head was bigger :( but oh well my balls are huge :)

silky soft balls

shaved hanging balls

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Cock (hard)and balls

my big ass and my balls

Balls are full

The texture of my balls

Balls swollen with cum.

my tied up balls ...ready to dip with x

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My Ballsack

For those of you that love my huge balls

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My big Balls

Sitting pleased with my shaved balls, much cleaner I think.

Fondling my balls

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these balls have load after load ready

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My hard, horny cock and balls sitting down!

Just airing out my fresh shaved cock and balls outside.

Balls hairy

balls piercing the forskin

Play with my balls!

Apolo10 Ballstretcher + Shaved

My balls from the back

My hairy balls

Shaved balls

Spiderwebb stretching his big balls with OxBalls stretching bands.

my cock and hanging balls

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Balls hanging low enough to hold a 12 oz bottle of corona 😜

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