New piercing

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So I gave myself a piercing the other day!

It’s not a piercing

Another fren piercing

Drie piercings

Self-piercing last Saturday(14G)-2

hole after PA piercing

multiple cock piercings

new sac piercing

When I had 4 piercings in my foreskin ...

piercing cum

Urethra Stretch through PA Piercing

frenum ampallang reverse pa scrotal piercings

New sac piercing

12 mm Piercing

My self piercing tools 2

New piercing

Chain thru piercing

Me with my piercing in

anal piercings and scrotal ladder

Head Piercings

scrotal piercings

piercing hole

new piercing

Last Pics before my Piercing

Failed piercing

Cancer surgery right side--how is that for piercings. LOL

New Guiche piercing

Three piercings

Airpods piercing

multi piercing

Scrotum Piercing with several pieces of jewelry

5mm hafada piercings

scrotal piercings


Triple Piercing Cock

New piercings (4 mm)

Fren piercing

Big Ball & Piercing

double piercing

My Cockpiercing

Fully loaded with 9 piercings so far

my piercings

RPA & Nipple piercings

Penis with piercing

Stretching & Piercing

New piercing drain

Inner foreskin piercings

my piercing

Stretching & Piercing

piercing my cock - ampallang

throuth PA-hole and head: new piercing

Root piercing

New Root Piercing

breast piercing

6mm Ball Embeded in Piercing

New piercing

My small shriveled cock and balls showing off piercing

balls piercing the forskin

My frenulum piercing on my uncut foreskin intact dick

balls piercing the forskin