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Glans and crown of the glans

glans vibes

So fucking hard it needs to be destroyed, especially the glans

To those who like small and glans covered ...

Glans Jewelry

taped glans

Needle through Glans I

My glans with cum-drop

Balls attached, glans ring and scepter

Nude glans (extreme closeup)

Nude glans (extreme closeup)

Glans to decapitate

Nude glans (extreme closeup)

Wet glans (extreme closeup)

Eichel/glans needled from my sight

Pierced and split glans

enjoy my tasty glans

Glans closed in the door

big ring, wrinkled glans

Glans on balls

It is glans-time!

Pinned Glans

Nude glans

polished glans, grease und bump

Want to feel a hot, wet mouth on my swollen glans...

Steel glans ring holds my foreskin back

Available for needles in the glans and balls

Pinned Glans

Before complete opening of the glans

Glans Fiddich

close-up glans

glans ring

Nude glans (closeup)

my pierced glans

Nude glans (closeup)

Glans squeeze and weight - The other side

Hairy glans! ;-)

Glans and frenulum

Glans burn

Half-nude glans (extreme closeup)

To those who like small and glans covered ...

Nude glans (closeup)

Glans sideview with corona and frenulum

banding glans

freddy touches my glans!!

My purple glans!

Extreme Close Up of My Glans

Glans to open and cut

I'd love to have my glans and frenum licked

Free glans

glans to modify

Glans and crown of the glans

Double clamping subincision and glans

Needle through Glans III

A big glans

closeup of my engorged glans

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shiny glans!

glans cap play w/ ball divider

After snipping fren from glans to clear PA hole