Another pair

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It's growing

rubber banded, purple, ready to explode hot cum

precum two weeks without masturbating !!

a different view

I'd give this to one of the ladies at the office.

Not caught yet

Ladung verschossen

Half stiff

Why so grumpy, JSV?

Skinn is growwing

different rear access

A look down into my underwear 👀

My little dick


Happy St Patricks Day

Full erect tiny dick

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Happy new year 2015♥♡♥♡♥♡

The Love Shaft

After shave

Dm me if you want to see the video

trying to jack off while being high

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Lubed and ready to slide into you

Transscrotal in my sac - six weeks now healed - time to stretch up

Brian Stoddard just shaved his small gay penis

Through the window

guess what

Damn, these pecs sure feel good!

Shaved. For men's. Pleasure

for your sticky hole