Foreskin on the back

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skin coloration

Skinny but Big

scarf skin

OMG -- what a flaccid skin !

Foreskin Restoration in progress


trojan ready for action

long 4skin

retracting the foreskin

2 pound steel weight tugging on my foreskin

Pulling back the skin

Without foreskin

I really do have a big foreskin...

fuck my skinny ass

before foreskin removal

Looking down foreskin back, what do you prefer ?

Pushpins in sack and foreskin

Stretched Skin Bridge

Foreskin pulled back

My foreskin pulled back as far as it will go.

More cold foreskin!

My testicles and wonderful foreskin, close-up, liked the fly!

my lill clit with foreskin. 4 weeks later i circumcised it.

skin is in

Stretching the skin with an inflatable ball.

Another view of shaft, head and foreskin

Foreskin hairs

Foreskin restoration - Month 1

Close-up foreskin shot !

this piece of wire holds back my foreskin all day long

skin pulled back

my restored foreskin

Foreskin and a drop of precum

Pullin the skin

bent piece of garden wire, bent to hold back foreskin

pierced foreskin

Pink foreskin & PA

4skin in the Mirror


Foreskin not pulled back and some yummy precum

Skin forward, partly erect

skinned up

Skin back no hands

Moisturising - want my foreskin to look it's best ;)

Not fully hard and foreskin on ;) come find me on skype: live:.cid.d8519095d04c8

Docking comparing foreskins

Foreskin Stretching

My foreskin..

hard with skin down

I like uncut foreskin

The head of the penis of an adult man must be free without any foreskin

I think I'll blow Spiceyskin

skin coloration

Skinny dipping

5 years with the foreskin retracted!

My foreskin pulled back after lots of CBT

scarf skin

Foreskin back

Pull my foreskin

Foreskin retract