A lil something for the foreskin lovers..

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For Foreskin Lovers

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My foreskin

Semi-open beautiful foreskin close-up


Foreskin and precum

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Dick skin - [8-19-15-550]

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Marbles in my foreskin lol

Skin It Back

A nice view of my tip peeking out of my foreskin.

So hard the foreskin came off

Foreskin pulled back profile

Soft foreskin


Pulled my foreskin after peeing

Cold, puckered foreskin

Poking through my jeans with foreskin pulled back

1.5 years of foreskin restoration

Foreskin closed

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Looking out and foreskin back

Forskin shadow

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before foreskin removal


If you like foreskin and precum I can't be beat.

Starbuck foreskin coffe

Foreskin ... and need shaving !