Dydoe thru 4skin

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cut foreskin cock

Sunshine and foreskin

Foreskin retracted

Super Long Foreskin Art

skin pulled back

All foreskin

under foerskin

you like 4skin?

Soft With Skin

still creamy under the foreskin

Folded foreskin - how it looks underneath

Skinhead slave eating masters boots

Nylon on my skin just always gets me throb

my skinny hatian/hawaiian self :P

To answer the questions about my soft size and foreskin etc

Ring was attached to the little Skin -Skin meanwhile removed

Foreskin shaved in a shower - watercolor

people been asking, approx measurement

Too long foreskin

My foreskin back to simulate circumcision

Rays of Foreskin

A Hairy Foreskin

My stupid foreskin doesn't know where it's going

using my foreskin for aim

Skin back over the tube from below.

New foreskin

Skin bridge - a byproduct of circumcision

My Foreskin Has Hairs Growing Out Of It

After one day of inflation my foreskin is already looking longer

Copper wire to stimulate the inner foreskin from CircPlay

Beginning with foreskin and punished balls

Soft with foreskin!

Stretching foreskin

pull that foreskin back

new look : shaven and folded my foreskin into itself

all covered by foreskin

stretch foreskin

hairless normal with foreskin

Fixed my foreskin! (Relaxed)

pumped foreskin

Good purpose of foreskin

My foreskin.

What happen , I got foreskin! Cool.


Hardon with foreskin on and off

Some foreskin

My foreskin

Hairy Foreskin

Asking for a helping hand


foreskin up and down @ work

Foreskin only

My foreskin

A small pile of skin

Any foreskin lovers around 1

Work with my loooong Foreskin

Post foreskin stretching


Peel my Foreskin right back for Me

For all those asking, it’s 8.1 inches long and over 6 inches thick