Copy Cat Challenge #11

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Shaved, hard & ready :)


For my cock sucking fans! Hope you like me cock!?

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A little precum for you

had to pull the snake out for some sun

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Sticky dick!

After a bike ride hard on. 2

Today at lake

Morning Wood ;)

Cleaned after my shower and ready for sucking.

Fat Fellow ....

Cock head and foreskin

Me eating Cock

More stretching.

Growing out my hair a bit..trying to decide to keep it, trim or shave


Photo of a penis from Thatguyyouknow12

Love to stroke my cock in public bathrooms dont you? Am i really the only one

foreskin stretched with chains


Starting to grow

Hard and Ready to Cum

If my hands were tied what would you do?

Getting ready to wank

Can't stop thinking about you. ..

my first nylon pic...

God pumping feels so good

Watching wife!

Quick peek!

I love my dick, do you?