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New PA ring


My new cockring!

soft, skin back over ring

Tip Burnt with Soldering Iron

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Cock ring time

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See through gstring

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See through gstring

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My Cocked Ringed... Anyone wanna lick!?

it would have been nice if it was all over the steering wheel.

4G ring with foreskin

Rings and leather

Vibrating cockring

Me baring it all!

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Wearing sexy lingerie

ring 15-20-22

cock ring and full condom

Fresh, stringy cum

wearing my mother-in-law s black lace panties


during a 3 hour edging session

Tight Cockring electro

would you like to pull my g-string

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three rings, a bit harder

some new girth measuring...5.9 inches

Foam ring to hold the skin back

Wearing his Sunday best

Four ring e-stim.

Me 2020 50 years old Hardness test with 170g ring

Rings on the Dick

No problem covering that shaving can

wearing my mother-in-law s black lace panties

Screenshot from 2018 String Wank movie

measuring one

bound frenum above the frenum-ring to cut frenum

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banana changed into ring

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