Another burn to the shaft

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Flaccid penis shaft

Flaccid penis shaft

tan shaft and pink head and balls, interesting contrast

Two Needles through Cock shaft + Electro 2

I Have A Hairy Uncut Shaft

My shaft and knob

Balls and shaft

Dick forced into a strip of toilet roll around the shaft. Thick enough?

Run your tongue up my shaft

Hairy shaft and balls

My dick with hairs growing up the shaft

My Wet Upper Shaft and Head

Work down the fat shaft . . .

cum running down the shaft.

The Sun Shining On An Uncut Cock With Shaft Hairs

Lick that shaft

Long hard shaft

pull back my skin and lick the cum from my shaft

lick my balls and shaft

Uncut Cocks Can Have A Hairy Shaft Too

Wifey Gripping Up My Shaft

the second cumshot that day, there is still some dried sperm on the shaft

deep shaft apadravya

freshly shaved balls and shaft

My whole shaft from base to tip and a bit of my balls on display as well.

gear shaft

New deep shaft ampallang

Another view of shaft, head and foreskin

Burns on shaft and head with large barbell

What will you taste first? Balls or shaft?

Plucked balls and shaft!

Natural Foreskin With Shaft Hair

Two Needles through Cock shaft + Electro 1

Lick my shaft

Showing some veins on my shaft

freshly shaved balls and shaft

Under shaft

Lick that shaft

Big Shaft Sleepy


Burns to the shaft

Full shaft tuck

The Love Shaft

Shaft and balls

Big Shaft Side

so horny my balls are climbing up the shaft.

Shaft...and a nice little tongue

Dark Shaft 2

MY penis shaft hairy

Head and shaft

cum flow down my shaft

Hairy Foreskin / Hairy Shaft

Enter my portal via tongue or shaft

pierced cock with rings right down shaft

Adorable little guy and his shaft almost hidden in my super masculine bush

throbbing purple veiny shaft

Fat balls, fat head and short shaft anyone??

Bending my fully erect shaft behind my leg ... where i can't bend ... break it!

Really big veins keep my shaft as hard as a steel pipe

Oily Shaft