Can I service your mouth?

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Where do you want me to cum? On you, in your mouth or in ur ass? :)

give him a mouth please!

A Friendly Mouth

You opening your mouth or your legs?

my mouth wants more

It was too big for her tight shaved pussy. She hardly could put it in her mouth!

dripping precum in my mouth

It needs mouth or ass 😋😋

Need a new mouth to drain me

need a hot mouth

Ready for a mouth!

The view as you lower your mouth to it

who wants my big head in thoer mouth;p

Ready for a mouth or sit on it! Your choice!

Going to put it in your mouth and your ass

I need a mouth around this

I could use a mouth on my cock and a hand on my balls.

Waiting on a mouth or some pussy.

Could've used a mouth

Want to feel a hot, wet mouth on my swollen glans...

like a mouthful?

some one suck this cock till I blast in your mouth.

I wish your mouth was sucking me

Ready for someones mouth

Waiting for a mouth to get hard in!!!

Morning wood. I need a helping hand or mouth

dip me in your mouth

for my cumslut mouth

Can you fit package in your mouth?

needs a good mouth

Would you put this in your mouth ?

Put me in your mouth or pussy and I grow and get rock hard!

Cumming In My Own Mouth


Shooting my cum into my mouth YUM!

big black balls heaven!! i really need them in my mouth!

yeah come here and get your mouth over it....

Mouth wanted

come on you cocksucker i know you want this in your mouth.

Open your mouth

ready for a mouth party

Ex boyfriend happy with a dick in his mouth

Hangry mouth

Ready for a warm, wet mouth

put it in your mouth

ready for unloading in my fuckmouth

My view when the pants fall right before I let it grow in my mouth

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How many mouthfuls do you require?

Its aiming for your mouth

Use your mouth to get me hard

Ready for your mouth!


can she get much more in her mouth??!!??!!

Waiting for a hot mouth

Yearning for a warm, wet mouth to come show me how it feels to get great head!

Who’d like their hard cocks rode, one for my mouth too, any volunteers?

it needs to be in your mouth!!!

Anyone want a mouthful

Fish mouth