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Completely smooth !

Really smooth balls and hairy ass

Just showered, smooth and clean

smooth and ready for....

apolo10 smooth cock - shaved

Smooth and Low

Lots of work to get that babysmooth ballsack🤩

Smooth hard cut cock

I’m sooo silky smooth ;)

Ringed Smooth cock apolo10

Shave got cut short but still smoother ;)

Nice smooth sissy cock... I LOVE COCK

Love smooth cocks

Super Smooth

Hard & smooth

Smooth cock apolo10

my smooth ass and balls

erect and smooth penis

apolo10 smooth cock - shaved

Smooth for the first time - after

Fun times with my mate's smooth cock - Yum

Smooth nuts softie

lclean and smooth

Smooth or Natural?

Freshly shaved nice and smooth and ready for the takin!!! So who's the 1st taker

smooth almost everywhere

apolo10 smooth cock - shaved

Anyone wanna suck this smoothie?

Smooth cock apolo10

smooth and soft, covered glans

my smooth limp dick (Y)

My erected smooth cock

Anyone wanna play with my smoothie outside?

Smooth balls

Very Smooth Body

Very Very Smooth! Anyone else?

Smooth and hairy side

smooth dick with bush

My nice smooth cock

Shaved, but not quite smooth.

apolo10 smooth cock - shaved

apolo10 smooth cock - shaved


My smooth and fully erect penis.

My smooth shaved balls !

apolo10 smooth cock - balls shaved

Horny with a filter. I love how pale and smooth it is. It needs some attention

nice & smooth

apolo10 smooth cock - shaved

Soft and smooth

From the super smooth days....

smooth to the touch

So smooth, so hard

Smooth Carona

Like my smooth balls?would love them played with

smoothie after shave 11/13/21

"Sensualme" enjoying my smooth cock - who's next?

Smooth Cock apolo10

all shaved ;) nice n smooth :)

Smooth bubble ass