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Perfect shot of you precum

Since people have asked to upload a comparison pic, here we go.

Taking a Much Needed Break!

How low can I go ?

Hanging out

Big Pump..

My friend, just after me waking him off

cum shower yummm ! gimme more !

Sometimes, I love leaving it to the imagination...

Me in my jock and my bare nipples and feet

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My ass is aching for cock

Campsite showers

Standing stiff

How do you prefer my cock? (uncut or cut)

I Think my head looks good

Small! but very soft!

White may be favourite, but I love briefs of all colours.

After the bath!

hungry hole

Apple polish

Jerking in the computer storage room at work

Big fat mushroom head

Nylon panties with penis sleeve.

nice long dripp mmmmmmmmmm.

opening up for you

Think & uncut

For all my sexy bf’s & gf’s 😘