Spring shave

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Apolo10 Ballstretcher + COCKRING

Scungie Rings

Shoe String

ring finger first knuckle in my dick hole!

Gstring time

Hard and Throbbing in Cockrings

cockring grooved 11

sugaring successful

ring in cock

or is it better to be wearing some full brief outside ???

another shot from the string wank

rings, weights and a sound

Working on restoring

Before tiring off! Emlar applied!

A simple rubber O-ring 4

screenshot from 24 rings wank (see below)

This is why i hate wearing brief.

3D printed cockring

Cock escaping from new g string

Cock ring n balls too

ringing bells

Cock balls in ring. Ass plugged

9 Rings of Heaven

Nearing Completion

spring air got me hard

Did some exploring today ;)


Cock ring.

They put my cock in this cock ring while i was passed out


My friend John shooting his load during one of our sex sessions back in 2005


Request for Flacid Cock in Cockrings

wearing donut cockring!

wearing a glove


Bringing forth the booty


Watering the garden

ball appearing

Ball stretching ring set

Ringed Cock and Balls

Me 2020 50yo without blue pills or cockrings

HTd Ringed and Streched

Cockring :)

Now reached 22 Rings, hope more, good feeling

Purple foreskin rings and studs

Got my ball sack rings on

regular ringer

a little bit of fingering

Love the cockring!

Double cock ring

Ring/Plug foreskin

think spring


Gstring time

With the ring :P

comparing our cocks 2008

My uncut dick with a ring

Ring thru tunnel