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C'Mon boys, its my birthday. Give me a nice present?

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Pink head hard

new look : shaven and folded my foreskin into itself

And, one more for today...

First time play

put it in your mouth

I love showing my little dick

I got a boner!

Them veins

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having a pee

So Hard Again.

Frenum veins 2

Time to play!


My young was sliding in and out of both holes alternating

Nackt im Stehen !

Forgot I made this account so I'll be posting more again soon.

it's all yours, just come closer now...

join me???

outdoor, again

watching the rear

My Penis :)

Lick it or suck it.

My Drypers on me again!

Idi jerking off

Tiny dick virgin!

Looking up

Had a lot of time to edge ;)

Blumengru├č zum Muttertag