3-ring steel cage

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Soft, wearing ball ring

cock rings

Some winter/spring sun

Firing one offf...

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measuring in cm

cock ring & glans ring

Horny 19, love transsexual girls, looking for a kinky time and sharing cum pics

Love g-strings


double ring 1

Wearing his Sunday best

Using Cockring

Cock ring...

My Retainer........used btwn the times I'm restoring my foreskin

Stringed ass

My new cockring

spring fever

Baring out my chest with pride. There is some hair, you just can't see it.

Fingering this tight hole

my new ring

Buttplug and ring

big PA hole fingering

Rings and leather

Me comparing size with some delicious tea :-)

Stretched with wooden rings

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Nude at home 7/20 with cockring

E-stim with metal ring electrodes.

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Glans with black and white PA ring

Steel cockrings

relaxed and shaped with rings

My large single eye staring at you...

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Wearing my cock ring and getting a hard on

Vibrating cock ring

Me 2020 50 years old Hardness without any help for pills or rings

New cock ring

Cock and balls packing w/ rings, process

Can you give me my measuring tape from pouch ?

love wearing my panties all the time

the ring..

GF measuring me (she thought I was bigger than 7)

New 5/8” ring

Can't use my foreskin ring when locked, so i found a different use for it

Who wanna join me and bring some soap?

Spring has Sprung and so has Bobbi...

My new C-String


Mushroom cock and rings

goofing around wearing it backwards

comparing with Dannyp big dick

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