My uncut hairy dick and amazing long foreskin

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Foreskin up

My foreskin, who wants to lick it?

Without foreskin *lol*

retracting the foreskin

Close Up Of My Hairy Foreskin

wish i had foreskin, i would look like this, soft of course

Long foreskin big white dick

Foresking Pulled

So hard my cock head is pushing through my foreskin.

A hairy foreskin

Does anyone like my foreskin?

sunbathing my foreskin

My foreskin back to simulate circumcision

Stretched my foreskin!

My long foreskinned uncut dick after morning shower, 24.11.21

Without foreskin after first circumcision

Hard with foreskin

Any foreskin lovers around? 3

Steel glans ring holds my foreskin back

4G ring with foreskin

Foreskin off

Foreskin pulled back

Pissing through foreskin closeup 2

Piss into the foreskin, just before to burst

My Foreskin Has Hairs Growing Out Of It

Wake up with foreskin!

Want see under my foreskin?

Close-up foreskin shot !

Natural Foreskin With Hairs Growing From It

Foreskin stretching

Penis with prince's scepter, foreskin closed

Uncut Men and Cocks with Foreskin


Steel glans ring holds my foreskin back

uncut dick with foreskin retracted

An easter-egg... or why I don't like retracted foreskins...

profile view, foreskin down!

peeing through foreskin fun

Moisturising - want my foreskin to look it's best ;)

Steel glans ring holds my foreskin back

for those who like my foreskin

Tight foreskin

Foreskin shackle

Golf Ball inside my Foreskin

My Foreskin.

Foreskin glued to the glans

Very Nice Art Foreskin Uncut Dick

long foreskin

Wet foreskin

CANADACOCK - Wee Willy Foreskin

Foreskin and some drooling precum ;)

Twisted Foreskin

Glans sideview with corona, frenulum and retracted foreskin

My new contraption holding back foreskin

Close up foreskin back

Sewed Foreskin closed( no Masturbation possible)

8mm foreskin ring

For my foreskin fans

so much foreskin for a tiny stubbydick

hairy - hard - uncut (but retracted foreskin)