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New underwear 4-3

Rear view, hope you like it ?

My wife on someones dick!

Shaved half-chub

Her new, used bra & panties for Thanksgiving to rub my cock in!

Are you want to ride me?

7.75 x 7 Growing BIGGER Inside Paper Towel Roll

Got horny and hard at work. Just had to share it with you ladies.

Time for coffee with a softie (side angle)


me about 10 years ago fucking my twink boy in my yard

semi erect

Nice and hard

my cock face

made for a woman

So horny today! Guys? Gals?

The thought of men seein me this way makes me very happy n love When u slap me


Foreskin balloon!


Come and fuck me

from the side

Erect 08/09/2014

Good morning

Morning wood, just do not last long enough ;-)

Work wanking

I like to drive with my Dick out

come and get it

Morning hangover

Soft in the bath


big baller