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New Speedo from Behind

morning pee! 17/09/2012 vote please!

pee feels so good

soft peeper

Taking a pee pee

Peek a boo

who likes to fondle this sissy peewee?

I occasionally retract to pee

touch my peehole

Peeing without using my skin... but boring...

Wax down my pee hole!

Dick head peeking out

Peeking out.

Shortly after I woke and got up, but before I peeing! ;-)

Peeking out

Photo of a boner from NAPPEE

peeking out

pajama peek

Puma Speed Cat SD Adidas socks and thong

peeking out of Mormon garments


Backwards pee 4

Wife wanted a peek.

just a peek

Peeking Out!

playing with my peepee recently

Peeking out

Just Peed in My Face...

Head peeking thru

Vs. tinypeepee peepee

Peeing in pink. :)

peeping "snake"

Pee pause during a longer road trip...


Asics Lyte tab socks Puma Speed Cat SD's ready for a FETISH!!!

Small Panties and Pee 2

Peek a boo

Found my old speedos the other day. They almost still fit!!

cock and balls peeing

Backwards pee 2

my pink speedo :)

beginning to pee

peehole sounding

My tiny pee pee

Photo of my dad playing peek-a-boo

Puma SpeedCats Puma tab socks and a cocksock

peek a boo 2

I pee in a glas!

Peeing with my cut cock

posing after peeing

Pee on you...

Just a peek ;)

Outdoor Peeing

Backwards pee 5

Pee Hole 2

dicklet is peeping outside

black panties peek a boo

last pee of the day!!!!!!!!

pee in the kitchen!!

Waiting to be peeled back.