comparing cocks a long time ago. 2002

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Accurate measuring

Measuring the opening...

2 Rings 5,0 + 3,2

Uncut hooded and ringed up

Z cockring 7


Room for more than 2 hands on my cock - perfect for sharing!

The black 00ga ring;)


colorful rubber band cock rings

After a little fingering

Smallone fully Ringed.

My new cock ring what do yall think?

another shot from the string wank

rasiert, ohne Haaare mit Cockring und Hodenstrecker

The Ring & Plug

Cock ring!

teardrop cockring 9

Cock Ringed

Eichel und Hodenring

Hangin with cock ring

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Cockring¬ís joy🤪

Spring is here


Really long hanging string of pre cum precum pre-cum

Fingering and jerking off

wearing donut cockring!

First Ring, what else should I buy?

My First cock ring

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New cock ring

Airing It Out

warm spring sun

New cock rings

Ring Around the Ballsy

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Shower Rings

My mesh underwear with built in cock ring

my new cock ring

It feels like roaring like a tiger!

my 15mm ring

4mm foreskin rings.

Ornate Cock Ring

Spring shave Hard front

Cock measuring

neuer ring

9 Rings of Heaven 2

black ring 3

Comparing to a dollar bill

my new cock rings

But and ring

with hot spring

kondom ?ber schwanz und sack gezogen-mit cockring

Comparing to self

Wringly needs to be stretched

admiring my big beautiful tree-trunk towering above that dense boner-forest

Ring My Balls