wrinkled foreskin

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Foreskin retracted

Soft Hairy Foreskin

my foreskin stretching / torture device....

Pull the foreskin back so much it hurts

Closeup through hanging foreskin.

Hairy foreskin

Foreskin is back

My Uncut long Foreskin Cock

Foreskin a little damp ;)

4mm foreskin rings.

I really do have a big foreskin...

Soft cock with my foreskin pulled over it

before foreskin removal

How wants to peel my foreskin back

Foreskin tip pulled through

Folded foreskin - how it looks underneath

foreskin play

He has a very beautiful uncut cock and the foreskin is soft, as a breast nipple


I want to feed my foreskin to someone that will enjoy it ;)

Pierced Foreskin

My testicles and wonderful foreskin, close-up, liked the fly!

Playing with foreskin

Flaccid with foreskin tucked back

gimme some skin..... foreskin restoration

Percussion massager used on my foreskin

My Soft Very Pretty Flaccid Shaved Long Foreskin Uncut Cock

Foreskin restoration - Month 1

Foreskin stretching

Local married uncut been begging me to use my gomco on his foreskin in his car

Foreskin play

Small Uncut Foreskin Dick

hard with covering foreskin

art uncut foreskin dick

big uncut cock with foreskin pulled back

I Love The Hairs Growing From The Sides Of My Foreskin

Precum uncut foreskin dick

Pink foreskin & PA

big uncut dick with foreskin pulled back

Nice penis with uncut foreskin , uncircumcised

Handsome uncut dick, with a long foreskin


Golf Ball inside my Foreskin

Soft Uncut Foreskin Dick

Docking is what my foreskin is good for

Great uncut soft shaved dick with foreskin outdoor

Pumped foreskin

A Foreskin With Hairs Growing Out Of It

after one restoring my foreskin

my foreskin


Micro foreskin !!

Foreskin pulled back

Sewed Foreskin closed( no Masturbation possible)

My frenulum piercing on my uncut foreskin intact dick

foreskin stretched with chains

My foreskin.

that's how it looks when the foreskin is pulled all the way

Any foreskin lovers around? 2

5mm foreskin rings, 6 x 1 inch stainless rings peeing