My Shiny Bell End

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Merry XXX-mas!

Photo contest winner...thankyou!

Was thinking about you. ..wish you were here. ..

None of these are rock hard

Bust a 4 day load

Cum spilling

aaah juicy

No one can hear you scream on the PLANET OF THE GAPE(S)...

Wtf is that big blue vein, it’s so sensitive!

Getting ready to blow!!

Hungry for some wet pussys

A day of tanning my circumcised cock.

Settin on the front porch

Me And My Friend

A restless night

horny little bastard

Shave the bush or keep the bush or do little bit of trimming?

St Regis Part1

5mm piercing

One from the vault

changing at the pool today

Fucking myself

Foreskin pulled back up over where it was retracted

another scanty panty

who want it?

As Well As Pubes I Have Hairs Growing From My Foreskin Too

Rate my cock & body

Just flopped out

Smooth cock apolo10

Love to be naked

Home alone.

in the shed 1

My lovely balls

Last one for now leave some comments

My hard cock

big uncut cock

look a head

Morning wood... Wanting a suck...

GF photoshoot pt. 4