Feeling great

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Please Un-Cork me 🙏🙏

Hard on mushroom head

Hard, lubed and ready to explode.

Soft n furry

texture detail closeup

Lick it up

Cumming For The Neighbors

Just woke up

kinda hard

New one just added

chilling on the front porch

Tan sexy thong #2

waiting for a lick or two hmmm

Soapy Cock 2

Balls and glans to be pierced with needles

Dinner is ready. Who's hungry?

cock in the city

uncut 7 inch willy

Pee batch 4

nice and smooth

My uncut dick with long foreskin between the legs

From the Archives

A view from the side

Enjoying the lake and nature in the nude


Just the tip

meth made me do it

My Shiny Bell End Out In The Open

Horny as hell 😅

Keeps 'popping out' to say hello