i wanna grow into your mouth....

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I dare someone to put my ball sack completely in your mouth !

Head saying hey to your mouth

Where do you want me to cum? On you, in your mouth or in ur ass? :)

i wanna feel your mouth around my dick

Want this deep in your mouth

Your mouth please


See anything to put in your mouth?

Make grow in your mouth

I wish your mouth and tongue were all over me

ready for popping into your mouth

The view as you lower your mouth to it

Ready for you to put it into your mouth!

Ready for your mouth...

Open your mouth please.

Now open your mouth!

almost in your mouth

Going to put it in your mouth and your ass

Waiting for your mouth

Can you fit it all in your mouth?

Semi hard for your mouth

some one suck this cock till I blast in your mouth.

I wish your mouth was sucking me

I'm ready to flood your mouth with cum!

Very stiff tonight. How much can your mouth devour ladies?

You wouldn’t mind if I borrowed your mouth would you

needs your mouth !

Can you fit it all in your mouth?

kneel down and take my cum in your mouth!

Take em in your mouth

Can you fit package in your mouth?

I need your mouth

Could you fit it in your mouth?

Take this in your mouth

Put me in your mouth or pussy and I grow and get rock hard!


Who would suck me until I’m hard and let me cum in your mouth?

wanna grow in your mouth

Borrow your mouth?

For your mouth

Nothing better than a velvet smooth head filling your mouth

Open your mouth:)

I want your mouth or pussy on my cock

Lick my balls, up my shaft, take me in your mouth.

put it in your mouth

Cum put this in your mouth👅

I will gladly deposit these nuts into your mouth so you can gargle them

Fit me all in your mouth at once

Can You Fit All Of It In Your Mouth? ;)

Kneel Down In Front Of Me And Take My Cock Into Your Mouth

Open your Mouth!

Please may I put this in your mouth?

Open your mouth,Sara and Joanne.

Wrap your mouth around it if you can

Its aiming for your mouth

open your mouth!

Use your mouth to get me hard

Ready for your mouth!

Cum suck me from behind stick all my balls in your mouth and put your cockmy hol

Take it in your mouth and make me hard