Laurenz Baars learning the ropes

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Don't see much difference from normal. usually just about 17ish

Working it hard

Me 2016 47 yo A friend makes it hard

This is a picture John Kazu sent me. It's unbelievable!!

my girl has a nice ass

anyone want to sit?

new piercings.

My Skype is Sarin545 my kik is jdoe688

I wish someone would suck it before work

cock stretch #2

this is what you want !

Morning boner

First post on here... hopefully you all like it

Waiting for things to happen ...

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you like me ?? hot.samy1

My dick and body in 2014

mi kat wants the D

Loving dressing up x

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at the window

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Using the taper to make the hole bigger

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this is from my own retro collection

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