Swollen foreskin

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foreskin fun

My Foreskin

Who loves foreskin? I do...

New foreskin ring!

Foreskin pulled back

Foreskin Portrait

Foreskin and Balls

Balls tight, foreskin creeping forward!!

Folded Over Hairy Foreskin

With or without foreskin?

Just hanging and showing foreskin

My Retainer........used btwn the times I'm restoring my foreskin

new look : shaven and folded my foreskin into itself

More cold foreskin!

Foreskin Closeup

My Foreskin And Hairy Body

Wrinkly foreskin

Foreskin Pulled Back

I love my foreskin

Foreskin forward

Uncut Foreskin Man Art

Foreskin close up

My knobhead inside my foreskin on Monday nudist afternoon, 9.10.22

Friendly foreskin

The Tip Of My Hairy Foreskin

Only foreskin again

4G ring with foreskin

uncut foreskin soft dick

After one day of inflation my foreskin is already looking longer

Soft Hairy Foreskin

Foreskin is so fun

strech my long foreskin

long foreskin

foreskinwanker looking for cut dick to jerk off

Foreskin retracted

Tightest foreskin

My foreskin.

Folded foreskin - the head is so smooth and dry!

Nice Uncut Penis with Intact Long Foreskin

10mm PA, foreskin & 5mm frenum loop

Mild foreskin torture

close up of my pee/cum hole and foreskin


Pulled my foreskin after peeing

Foreskin pushed forward

For foreskin-lovers

Foreskin Lovers

My foreskin is long and tightly collapsed

Pushpins in sack and foreskin

Pushpins in sack and foreskin

I put 2 fingers between my foreskin and my dickhead

Foreskin pulled back

Foreskin erection retracted to maximum strangulation

Foreskin at work...

At rest foreskin retracted to the maximum and strangled

Starting to restore my foreskin

Uncut penis with a tight foreskin

A hole through my foreskin 1

All my girlfriends love suck cocks with long foreskin! They're so beautiful and

hairy - hard - uncut (but retracted foreskin)