Little nipple piercing

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Torn Out & Replaced Piercing

New piercing

some piercings

New piercing!

Drie piercings

2016 piercing and torture

Another fren piercing

Another fren piercing

multiple cock piercings

new sac piercing

What the massive piercing looks like with my foreskin

balls piercing the forskin

new hafada piercings 10 gauge

When I had 4 piercings in my foreskin ...

piercing cum

piercing my cock - ampallang

Not a real piercing

Two piercings

Scrotum Piercing with small jewelry

scrotal piercings

Windowed Piercing

Scrotal Piercing with heavy metal

foreskin piercings.

Last Pics before my Piercing

foreskin piercings one week old

scrotal piercings

Another fren piercing

Big Ball & Piercing

Cancer surgery right side--how is that for piercings. LOL

Three piercings

new piercing

Fren piercing

foreskin piercings.

Short piercing

Scrotum Piercing with several pieces of jewelry

New piercing

piercing my cock - ampallang

Triple Piercing Cock

New piercings (4 mm)

My first cock piercing, finally I did it

Another fren piercing

Frenum Piercing Neu

Fully loaded with 9 piercings so far

multiple knob piercings

my piercings

RPA & Nipple piercings

Penis with piercing

New piercing drain

pubic piercing and hafadas

piercing my cock - ampallang

Fingers thru two piercings

Days with no piercings

6mm Ball Embeded in Piercing

Head Piercings

New Piercing, 0 gauage ( 8 mm )

piercing my cock - ampallang

My small shriveled cock and balls showing off piercing

Foreskin piercings

PA, reverse PA, dydoes, and pubic cock piercings

Dydoe piercing