pubic piercing and hafadas

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Little nipple piercing

before piercing

Another fren piercing

some piercings

Inner foreskin piercing

new pubic piercing

When I had 4 piercings in my foreskin ...

piercing cum

Another fren piercing

frenum ampallang reverse pa scrotal piercings

8g pa piercing

New piercing

mein erstes Frenumpiercing

My self piercing tools 2

New piercing

Me with my piercing in

scrotal piercings

another one before i got my piercing done

Windowed Piercing

My self piercing tools 1

Multiple piercings and ball stretchers

Failed piercing

Ball weight & piercings 1

Head piercings

First piercing pic

Another fren piercing

Three piercings

foreskin piercings one week old

New piercing!!

New piercings (4 mm)

piercing pic 2

need a nip piercing

New piercing i just did myself

New Piercing, 0 gauage ( 8 mm )

Frenum Piercing Neu

My Cockpiercing

balls piercing the forskin

RPA & Nipple piercings

magnets looks like piercings

my piercing

Stretching & Piercing

Tugging on foreskin, frenulim piercing showing

Piercing & Rings

Penis Piercing

throuth PA-hole and head: new piercing

new ear piercings

4 piercings ,mmhh

prince albert 2 piercings

piercing for lock to be inserted by master

Fresh piercing added hopefully this one stays

New piercing

Interesting when the piercings are zapped.

Stretching & Piercing

My small shriveled cock and balls showing off piercing

My new piercing I got yesterday

balls piercing the forskin

Foreskin piercings

guiche piercings

balls piercing the forskin

Dydoe piercing