Hard on with foreskin

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My Foreskin


Working on the foreskin restore

scarf skin

love to feel your cum on my skin

foreskin pulled back

What 7 Years of Foreskin Restoration Gets You!

wish i had foreskin, i would look like this, soft of course

Great Art Foreskin

gimme some skin..... foreskin restoration

22 Year Old Foreskin Restorer, 1st Time Shaved

My foreskin and football

before foreskin removal

Tugging on foreskin

tall skinny and hung

I want to feed my foreskin to someone that will enjoy it ;)

Does anyone like my foreskin?

Dick skin - [8-19-15-550]

My foreskin back to simulate circumcision

skin coloration

Close up with foreskin peeled

Swollen foreskin

Hairy Pubes And A Hairy Foreskin

Close up foreskin Back

Foreskin pulled right back

5mm Foreskin Ring

Skin bridge - a byproduct of circumcision

Foreskin needs licked

foreskin piercings one week old

Beginning with foreskin and punished balls

Soft pink under foreskin!

Some stretching results: almost 3" of inner foreskin now!

showing off my forskin

Foreskin fun

Thumb nail bigger than foreskin !! There is no penis x

stretch foreskin

Foreskin view

Game: What’s under the foreskin?


Golf ball in the foreskin!

Lots Of Foreskin

My foreskin

More detailed foreskin!

Not fully hard and foreskin on ;) come find me on skype: live:.cid.d8519095d04c8

Foreskin restoration

Foreskin in detail...

CANADACOCK - Foreskin Experiments

Skinny dipping

pulling back for all the foreskin lost to the knife

Penis without foreskin

great foreskin

before foreskin removal

Foreskin Restoration - Month 64

scarf skin

My wet, tender, long and thick foreskin closeup

scarf skin

Uncut / Foreskin

For all those asking, it’s 8.1 inches long and over 6 inches thick

Lick my leopard skin crotch!!!

Starbuck foreskin coffe