hard with skin up

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My Foreskin

skin up pee

long foreskin

Pumped foreskin

Foreskin fully retracted.

retracting the foreskin

Foreskin half back

before foreskin removal

love to feel your cum on my skin

foreskin back

foreskin with hair

Folded foreskin - how it looks underneath

Big foreskin

chew on my 4skin

Foreskin shaved in a shower - watercolor

Too much skin

Skinny dipping

Working on foreskin restoration


Any foreskin lovers around? 3

Pulling my foreskin up…

4G ring with foreskin

Skin back over the tube from below.

Skin bridge - a byproduct of circumcision

like foreskin?

Foreskin is so fun

Long, thick foreskin

foreskin from nutsack

See how long I can keep the plug in and foreskin rolled back - 2 days so far

foreskin stretching

Skinn is growwing

foreskin pulled back completely

foreskin back and go

Foreskin fun

My foreskin.

Moisturising my foreskin

Big old flacid foreskin in the changroom

with foreskin

A nice view of my tip peeking out of my foreskin.

foreskin shrivels up in the cold

balls piercing the forskin

Got to find it to pull skin back !!

Docking comparing foreskins

for those who like my foreskin

my uncut foreskin

Foreskin Retracted

Docking is what my foreskin is good for

A Foreskin With Hairs Growing Out Of It

foreskin up and down @ work

Just freshly shaved foreskin and balls

pullin my skin, wish i was uncut

A small pile of skin

Dydoe thru 4skin

For my foreskin fans

Pull my foreskin

Starting to restore my foreskin

stretching my skin

Birthday foreskin

Peel my Foreskin all the way back please

Pulling some skin back...