The head of the penis of an adult man must be free without any foreskin

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A hole through my foreskin 4

A Hairy Foreskin

Foreskin bound

5mm foreskin rings, 6 x 1 inch stainless rings

My wavy velvet uncut penis with very soft, long foreskin

Flaccid with foreskin tucked back

Pumped foreskin

head all the way inside and foreskin pinched shut

My Foreskin And Hairs

4G ring with foreskin

Corona and foreskin

My girlfriends like to caress my delicate, long and soft foreskin

We really like your beautiful long foreskin, like an elephant's trunk

Foreskin strecher (13oz) with two extra 4oz weights

I love my foreskin

Foreskin Closeup

Foreskin Pulled Back

Glans sideview with corona, frenulum and retracted foreskin (extreme closeup)

Swollen foreskin

Stretching my foreskin

foreskin piercings.

Foreskin back!

Glans sideview with corona, frenulum and retracted foreskin

Open Fly Foreskin

Wonderful dick with uncut foreskin

When the flaccid cock's foreskin is spread

like foreskin?

Soft Hairy Foreskin

do you like to lick a man under his foreskin ?

All foreskin

Great cock with a beautiful thick and long uncut foreskin

My Extra Long Foreskin Uncut Dick Close Up

Some stretching results: almost 3" of inner foreskin now!

foreskin back and go

Steel glans ring holds my foreskin back

pumped foreskin

My soft cock with my foreskin pulled back….

So hard the foreskin came off

with foreskin closed

My foreskin.

big uncut cock with foreskin pulled back

Glans sideview with corona, frenulum and retracted foreskin

-- my soft uncut foreskin dick --

My foreskin

Inner foreskin piercings

for my foreskin fans (;

Hairy Foreskin

great low hangers and a nice foreskin cock

Flaccid: foreskin up

Foreskin in normal position

Can't use my foreskin ring when locked, so i found a different use for it

Foreskin overhang on hard dick

Foreskin forward

Foreskin at work...

mangled foreskin

Foreskin inflated

what my cock would look like with foreskin.

My Foreskin

Sewed Foreskin closed( no Masturbation possible)

My Hairy Foreskin