It's Spring 2017

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another boring selfie

New ring:)

Z cockring 6

Wanna join me in playing my version of "ring-around-the -rosy"?

Hate wearing clothes

looks like my neighbour had some fun during the bank holiday

size comparing 3

wearing panties, still love it!

Spring shave

I am wearing my Step daughters panties

near the front window wearing weight and ring

Only a dirty fag cums from torturing heer own cock balls

Hasn't she got a lovely ring

My turqwa gstring

Cock with ring

Spring comes along

Babycok and Annarowe comparing size

Cock ring time

You can see my PA ring through my transscrotal tunnel

spring fever

Admiring Duncan's dick!

giving myself a good fingering.

rasiert, ohne Haaare mit Cockring und Hodenstrecker

Shaved ass and hard cock with cockring

what a boring day

My mesh underwear with built in cock ring

My soft cock with ring

My new cock ring

wearing donut cockring!

new steel cock ring 2

Me comparing size with some delicious tea :-)

Ball stretching ring set

Wearing sexy lingerie

I’ve got a firm hold on things here during this pandemic....

Before divorce... still with the ring

Cumshot during chaturbate show

more measuring

This brings me all kinds of happiness. Just imagine if I lost some weight t

Cock rings rule


comparing my tiny dick with lighter

Love wearing thongs

relaxed and shaped with rings

Gymbros comparing big dicks

Like to Ring your Bell! ;)

Sharingfun got me hard

John's asshole with briefs to one side, during one of his earlier visits

New Cock Rings


restoring foreskin

Comparing with a little ginger dick

Cockring and drip!

Ornate Cock Ring

single and split ring of balls

after one restoring my foreskin


comparing with Dannyp big dick

ultra tight Cockring

small ring58

Spring is here