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Lick it an tongue fuck

*Insert tongue here* ;D

Wash it with your tongue!

Spreading myself for your tongue and cock ! Use me !

my tiny stubbydick needs a friendly tongue

does your tongue fit through the grid?

I wish your mouth and tongue were all over me

Tongue my salty Asian piss slit?

Could use a little available. ??

Needs a tongue

Your Tongue Here

A nice warm tongue would be nice

spurting onto my tongue

Lick my tongue and dick

good for your tongue?-gut für deine zunge?

Mmmm...stick that tongue out....

POV before I sit on your face, now fully extend your tongue 👅 💋

Waiting for an eager tongue.

Tongue out

Tongue-polish that head!

Ready for a wet tongue...

Could use some tongue...

Tongue that wet head

Get that tongue working around my big cock

Tongues are more than welcome

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I need your tongue

Tongue and suck this head

Kiss and tongue me?

Tongue me.

a little appet(eye's)er for your tonguetip

Tongue my hole

Slurp your tongue around my pretty helmet

explore my hidden tiny treasure by tongue !

your tongue there

Tongue me!

need a tongue inside

tongues welcome

Waiting for your tongue

Dripping with lust! Wish i had a tongue to taste it

Her lips and tongue felt so good 😩

Love your tongue 😋😋

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Stick your tongue here

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Would you stick a finger, tongue, or cock in my hole? ;)

The sensation of your tongue.

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Waiting for a tongue

Do u wanna tongue it?

Flick your tongue over my bell end.

Enter my portal via tongue or shaft

Tongue my head

Stick out your tongue, then stick it in ;)

Ready for your tongue

There's no tongue to stop this dripping!