Tongue my head

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Lick it an tongue fuck

Waiting for a tongue.

for big Tongue

Hairy (for my standard) and veiny; wanna follow my veins with your tongue?

Tongue me...

my tiny stubbydick needs a friendly tongue

Run your tongue up my shaft

Needs a tongue

Waiting for your tongue to clean

Would love some tongue

tongue bath welcom

Need a tongue

Tongue in cheek anyone?

My balls need a nice warm tongue

Waiting for an eager tongue.

Need a tongue up my shaft

Tongue-polish that head!

Ready for a wet tongue...

Could use some tongue...

Any wet tongues out there? It’s never been used so needs a very good licking

His tongue is buried in my hole...

Tongues are more than welcome

Ready for your tongue!

Ready for a stiff, wet tongue! Rim it baby!

Kiss and tongue me?

Insert tongue

Could use some available ??

a little appet(eye's)er for your tonguetip

Naughty ass needs a tongue...

Slurp your tongue around my pretty helmet

Please stick your tongue in

need a tongue inside

Waiting for your tongue

Dripping with lust! Wish i had a tongue to taste it

Anybody care to tongue my balls from behind?

Suck my cock or tongue my ass?

Love your tongue 😋😋

Tongue deep in her ass

Stick your tongue here

washing his sexy cockhead with my slut tongue

Take my panties off? With your tongue? 😅😛

i need a tongue and a dick inside of me

Big and bulging waiting for your hot mouth and tongue to be on it

Shaft...and a nice little tongue

my dick needs a wet tongue and sucking lips

my desire: wet tongues, noses, cocks, plugs and dildos

Use your tongue, please...

Do u wanna tongue it?

Use you tongue


tongue friendly

Needs tongue

Tongue my head

Stick out your tongue, then stick it in ;)

Is this virgin asshole tempting? I want a tongue on it and a cock in it :)

Need some tongue or dick

Get your tongue in there

Which lucky tongue will try to wrap around my monstercock?

There's no tongue to stop this dripping!

In need of some good tongue action! ; )