Foreskin rolled back over itself, no ring, soft

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Soft and thick. Foreskin pulled back.

A Hairy Foreskin

long foreskin

Nearly up foreskin forward still

Foreskin balloon!

Soft with foreskin

Beautiful soft foreskin and large testicles! Closeup!

Foreskin Tugging

Who loves foreskin? I do...

6 years with the foreskin retracted almost 24/7!

foreskin back

My knobhead outside my foreskin, 23.8.21

Back when I My tight foreskin😛

I really do have a big foreskin...

22 Year Old Foreskin Restorer, 1st Time Shaved

Dilator fully inserted with Foreskin closed

Before Foreskin Restoration

Tugging on foreskin

I love my foreskin

Does anyone like my foreskin?

Glans sideview with corona, frenulum and retracted foreskin (extreme closeup)

Bound foreskin

Cross of safety pins through my foreskin

Close up Foreskin Forward which do you prefer

Foreskin back!

My Hairy Foreskin

My fat and long foreskin and big testicles

Foreskin closed with a penis plug

Foreskin restoration

Big ring in my foreskin, stretcher on my balls

Foreskin restoration - Month 1

Restored Foreskin, Can You Tell?

Foreskin stretching

PUD foreskin stretcher 1lb 5oz

All foreskin

foreskin hairless

Foreskin retracted

A great cock head under that long foreskin

Do you like foreskin?

new foreskin

A lil something for the foreskin lovers..

Very tasty tender long fleshy foreskin

playing with the foreskin

Foreskin shackle

Foreskin forward

Foreskin restoration

Foreskin glued to the glans

Foreskin 4

Foreskin closeup

Cute Foreskin!


I put 2 fingers between my foreskin and my dickhead

Foreskin pulled back

Foreskin penis

Unopened bud of my uncut foreskin

foreskin hanging over

8mm foreskin ring

Foreskin pushed back to reveal my shiny, swollen head

Birthday foreskin

that's how it looks when the foreskin is pulled all the way