Skinny dipping

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Foreskin up

My Foreskin

foreskin starts to break from pulling it back

stretched foreskin


Stretched 4 skin 1

Retracting my tight foreskin further

Peel back the skin and taste the goodness

nettles under foreskin

What 7 Years of Foreskin Restoration Gets You!

Warm Weather. Extra Soft Skin.

foreskin friday

Foreskin and precum

Tiny foreskin

Ring was attached to the little Skin -Skin meanwhile removed

Folded Over Hairy Foreskin


Closeup foreskin

which shape is better? with or without foreskin?

#4skin #flacid

Without foreskin after first circumcision

Yellow Foreskin Ring

Close up with foreskin peeled

foreskin piercings.

skinny Helmet

Foreskin pulled back

Soft Skin Chilled

Pulled foreskin

The texture of my foreskin

Foreskin with hairs growing up the sides

my restored foreskin

Restored Foreskin

Folded foreskin - head on view!

Foreskin tugging

skin bridge

A lil something for the foreskin lovers..

Lovely foreskin

Tight Foreskin

10mm PA, foreskin & 5mm frenum loop

A foreskin with hair


Foreskin retracted

Been tuggin' the skin, again... my droopy self, hehehe!!!

trojan bareskin....almost too tight for this average cock

Foreskin Stretching

veins on cock stratched foreskin

Coin under foreskin

Grabbing The Hairs Growing From My Foreskin

Showing foreskin

Skin Tuck softie

Skinny dipping

it's what my nasty foreskin deserves.......

My Foreskin Hair

Foreskin Rolled Back

my foreskin

scarf skin

mangled foreskin

balls piercing the forskin


Any foreskin lovers around? 2